45th Anniversary of Roe v Wade

45 years ago today, the Supreme Court ushered in an era of abortion on demand with their tragic ruling in Roe v Wade.

A little over nine months after this tragic ruling, I was born. As someone who was born into a world where abortion has always been legal, this anniversary has always been a sad one for me. I thank my mom for choosing life. I was blessed to be born into a two parent family, where abortion was never even considered. But so many of my generation were not so lucky.

Two of the candidates in this race don’t even mention abortion in their literature, and the others give it campaign lip service and aren’t even clear if they believe abortion always takes an innocent life.

Rhetoric and empty promises are not sufficient in this effort to restore justice for unborn children. Life MUST be the ultimate priority for the next representative from our district.

This issue is also incredibly personal for me and my family. So, I must thank two other young mothers for choosing life. Unfortunately, they were not so lucky as my mother was, and were not in committed, caring, loving relationships. At least one of them was abortion minded until a loving family member came alongside and prayed for her, and her unborn child.

Thanks to the courageous choice of both those women, Nicole and I were able to adopt Joshua and Hannah.

But far too many mothers are making different decisions – under the banner of “choice”. The culture of death that Roe v Wade ushered in continues to wreak havoc across our country.
We’ve even exported it around the world.

Here in a solidly pro-life state like Texas, we still look away from the human effects of this ongoing tragedy far too often.

According to the most recent annual data, here in Bexar County alone we had nearly 5,300 women and children victimized by abortions. Most of these abortions occurred at three so called “clinics” here in Bexar County.

This is tragic.

Join me, and together we can change the course of history.

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