About Matt

Matt Beebe, is the consistent conservative running to represent District 121 in the Texas House of Representatives.

Matt has a passion for conservative values. He believes strongly in limited government, fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, and having a respect for life. For Matt these are more than just talking points they are a part of who he is in everyday life.

Tradition of Service
Matt is the third generation of his family to serve overseas in a time of conflict, and has always understood the importance of service.  He and his family have repeatedly shown a willingness to answer the call.

As an Air Force Veteran, he also has a profound respect for the importance of a properly constrained government.  Matt loves America, and loves Texas, and believes we are an exceptional people destined by God for great things.

Republican Roots
Matt is a sixth generation Republican and proudly walks in the tradition of his Great-Great-Great Grandfather Abdon Burke (at right) who was a delegate at the Republican Convention of 1860 that nominated Abraham Lincoln.

Matt’s mom also served as an alternate delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention, and he has served as a delegate to the County convention in addition to being a passionate grass-roots advocate.  He also believes that Republicans should support the platform – the entire platform.

Proven Leader
As a small business owner, Matt understands the impact a weak economy and an overly assertive government can have on Texas families.  Matt has succeeded as a leader in the Air Force as a Communications Officer and Cyber-Security Countermeasures Engineer, in large business as a Program Manager, Business Development Director, and Senior Line of Business Manager, as well as serving as President of the small business he founded with his wife that currently provides information technology and cyber security services to hundreds.  Matt prides himself on his proven track record of understanding and solving complex problems for a diverse base of customers.

San Antonian by Choice – Texan by the Grace of God
Though not born here like many District 121 residents, Matt and his bride of 22 years Nicole chose to make Texas home after being stationed here by the Air Force more than 19 years ago.  In fact, it was their love of Texas that ultimately made them decide to separate from the Air Force which they both loved, and that same love of Texas caused them to resist moving to embrace multiple business opportunities to advance their careers throughout the years.

But that Texan blood may have been there all along, as his Grandparents passed on their love of Texas – San Antonio in particular – after being stationed here during the World War II and starting their family here.






(Grandmother Evelyn at left 3 weeks after giving birth!! Doesn’t she look great!?!  And the happy mother and father at right doting on their new daugher in front of their house on Bailey Street that still stands today South of Fort Sam)

Family Man
As a husband and father, Matt understands the importance of family and faith.  He and Nicole are reminded daily of how important a genuine respect for life is as they have adopted and are raising their children Hannah, 11, and Joshua, 9.  The Beebe’s are active members of Alamo Heights United Methodist Church where Matt has taught Sunday School for the Foundations young couples class.

Our nation needs True Patriots to stand on the side of Good, so stand with Matt Beebe. With your help, the constituents of Texas House District 121 will have a true conservative representing them in Austin.