Legislative Update 12 May 2017

A quick update on the Legislative session, and in particular last night’s acrimony in the Texas House:

Anyone familiar with how the Legislature works was not surprised by the specifics of what happened in the House last night. Insiders know it as “chubbing” (basically a procedural technique similar to a filibuster where members stall with questions and commentary in order to run out the clock on bill passage deadlines). This process happens every session. There is nothing new about it.

For many, it WAS surprising WHO was doing the chubbing this time around — a small group of conservatives who considers themselves the House Freedom Caucus.

To understand the dynamics, we need to take one quick step back and explain some context: Typically, tradition has been to stack the end of the calendar with a bunch of “show bills” (bills that Republican voters want, but House leadership doesn’t actually want to see on the floor), and then let the Democrats “chubb” the show bills. This serves two critical purposes for House leadership: First, the bills get killed. Second, the Democrats get the blame.

Understanding both elements is critical: First, the bills get killed. Ask yourselves, “if the bill was a priority, why is it just now getting scheduled for debate at the last minute?” Why would priority Pro-life (and other good bills) get pushed so far down, that they are vulnerable to “not being passed in time?” The answer is simple: THEY DON’T WANT THEM PASSED.

Second, the Democrats get the blame: Ask yourselves, “why would House leadership want to blame the Democrats for killing these bills?” First, of course THEY don’t want to be blamed for it (they CAMPAIGNED on these issues, so they can’t be seen killing them!), and second, there is a perverse element to all of this that many voters think having Democrats kill Republican issues is “the norm” so voters don’t look too hard behind the scenes.

What the House Freedom Caucus did last night was to shine some disinfecting daylight on the House leadership’s charade.

Today the media and the establishment shills are out claiming that this was unusual, and the Freedom Caucus members threw tantrums that caused otherwise good bills to die. ANYONE claiming that is misinformed, or a blatant liar. What House Leadership did was to set several pro-life bills (and other priority bills) so far down the calendar that they would have NEVER seen the House floor regardless of what the Freedom Caucus did. THIS WAS BY DESIGN.

Elsewhere today you may see pictures and video of a teary-eyed Representative Drew Springer “begging” those nasty Conservatives to let an Adult Stem Cell bill (HB810) pass through their chubbing for the benefit of his disabled wife. It was dramatic, and high theater. A good bill — which the Freedom Caucus team was going to let pass anyway — that was filed on 01/03/2017. Filed months ago, but only getting to the House floor last night. Let that sink in. Just more stage-managed charade for the benefit of the voters at home. Sickening.

Don’t be misled today about the Legislature last night: but do look at who is arguing what – the liars & charlatans are dancing for their masters.

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