SAPD Chief Ignores State Law and Federal Immigration Law

On December 23, San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus directed the release of twelve illegal immigrants detained at a human smuggling crime scene without checking their immigration status or even running a basic background and ID check.

It is reported that these illegal immigrants were in police custody for several hours, yet the Chief decided to put our community at risk and apparently violate federal and State laws by releasing them to a pro-sanctuary non-profit. This decision not only shocks the conscience, but it abandoned what had been for years the standard procedure within the department of working closely with Federal and Municipal agencies in human smuggling cases.

The rule of law has been grossly violated, and if it was anyone else they would be facing the consequences. We must have transparency in our leadership and a definite plan of action when those who have taken an oath to uphold the law decide they are above it. I have asked the City Council to immediately suspend Chief McManus pending further investigation.

Furthermore, it is unbelievable that Chief McManus would take this sort of action to subvert the intent of Texas Law (Senate Bill 4) unilaterally, therefore I request the Texas Attorney General to determine if any other City official violated Texas Law in this ridiculous violation of the public trust.

In Austin, I will fight tirelessly against this sort of radical leftist rejection of the rule of law. Will you stand with me? Please sign the petition here.

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