What a Week!

By most accounts this past week should have been pretty miserable: I came down with the flu, spent several days completely out of commission, then somehow decided that a couple days of strep throat was a good way to “recover” from the flu.  But even with this, we’ve been so blessed this week: our team was able to knock nearly 3,000 doors, place over 100 yard signs, and field dozens of calls, emails, and website & Facebook messages.

We lead the other campaigns in social engagement, have significantly more total likes than any of the other campaigns, and routinely have voters engage with our posts at far greater rates than the other campaigns.  Indeed, in the last week our Facebook page has added more Likes than all of the campaigns combined, and in the last two weeks we’ve added more likes than three of the other campaigns have in total.

As I tweeted last week, “it’s all anecdotal till election day”.  BUT, the momentum is clearly building, and I’m honored that so many folks in the district are recognizing that I am the only consistent conservative in this race.  It is my intent to build on this momentum over the coming days to ensure we are victorious on Election day.  Of course I need YOUR help.  If you haven’t reached out to the campaign to get a yardsign, to commit to making some calls, or to sending some letters, I ask that you take a minute to do that right now.

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